Sushanth Reddy Arrested and In Jail For Misbehavior

Sushanth Reddy Arrested

‘Nobody is above the law’ this is the statement you would have heard many times but in India if you have the right kind of power and money to spend then you can get away with just about anything. But at the same time, there are also those who cannot escape the law.

The news is about a noted film director in Tollywood who has landed behind the bars. His name is Sushanth Reddy and recently he came up with the film Superstar Kidnap. Reports say Sushanth got involved in a brawl at a hotel and bashed up few people.

Sushanth Reddy Arrested

Sushanth Reddy Arrested

The police have taken him into custody and he is being sent either to Chanchalguda or Cherlapally for remand. This is not the first time Sushanth has come into news. Sometime ago, his name came up when he was caught for drug peddling. Sad to see such things happening.

Sushanth Reddy is a screen writer and also a script supervisor. There is a great work with him but his cheating made him to sit in jail at present. His movie Superstar Kidnap is not released due to some sensor problems. Sources says that as Superstar is a public figure the movie unit need to take some permissions to release the movie.

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Sushanth Reddy Arrested
Director Sushanth Reddy got arrested due to his misbehavior. His talent and hard work is getting spoiled with these silly things. His movie Superstar Kidnap is got blocked at the sensor due to some problems.