Sunil Should Forget He’s Mass Hero with Krishnastami



Krishnastami is an upcoming movie from Sunil this year. One of the big mistakes many aspiring heroes do is they try to prove themselves as mass heroes even without knowing whether they have that ingredients in them or not. Now, the talk is about one hero who is also attempting the same path which is not advisable.

He is none other than Sunil and those who have been tracking his career and image say the audience won’t see him if he keeps fighting or romancing heroines. He needs to come out of that mass hero image perception and be different.

KrishnastamiThey suggest he should do roles like he did in ‘Maryada Ramanna’ and ‘Poolarangadu’. He must do separate characterizations that would create that versatility in him. For now, his new movie ‘Krishnashtami’ is arriving and this will decide his way to the future.

Even if the script is apt for him with a mass story then it will bring a good name and fame for Sunil as a mass hero. He mostly come up with different scripts and entertain all his fans. He succeeded as comedian in his film career and he want to get the same response as a hero also.

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Sunil upcoming movie proves him to be a mass hero or not in Tollywood as he came from comedian to hero.