Sunil Heroines Are Always cool

Sunil Heroines

Though the business of cinema runs around the box office stamina of the hero, a significant contribution comes from the heroine as well. There are those crowds who go to theaters just for the heroines so it matters who the leading lady of the film is going to be.

In this aspect, only very few directors and heroes have that taste. One such person is the muscular man Sunil. Right from his debut as a hero, he has been pairing up with some of the most beautiful and cool looking starlets. As such, a hero has a say on deciding his heroines.

Sunil Heroines

Sunil Heroines

That way, Sunil has paired up with some choicest beauties such as the late Aarti Agarwal to Saloni to Isha Chawla to even Andrea Jeremiah. All of these heroines come under the coolbracket. Now, he is repeating the act with his new film ‘Krishnastami’ which has Nikki Galrani and Dimple Chopade as the leading ladies.

Krishnastami movie is going to release tomorrow into the theaters. There are lot of hopes on this movie for Sunil. After a long time he is coming up with new movie. There are no significant hits for Sunil. As a comedian he became very success but as a hero there is no such commercial hit for him in the film industry.

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Sunil Heroines
Sunil done only less movies but he picks up the heroine with more interest. Always heroines are hot in Sunil movies. The other plot of success of Sunil is his heroines.