Sunil Frontal View from Sai Kumar for Krishnastami


Krishnastami is an upcoming movie in Tollywood in which Sunil is going to play a lead role. The industry is filled with many talented individuals and it must be said that each has his own share of success and fame. But at the same time, there are also those who do not hesitate to vent out their negative feelings in a public forum.

Recently, dialogue king Sai Kumar shared his thoughts with the media wherein he lamented that the industry owes him crores of rupees and he didn’t take money the way he should. Taking this as the cue, some are suggesting even hero Sunil should not follow the same path.



They are stating that Sunil should not lament tomorrow that because he has stopped comedy and became a hero he could not become successful. They add that he should choose scripts that suit his image and must focus on story lines that justify his image instead of attempting to become a mass masala hero.

For now, his new movie Krishnashtami is arriving and this will decide his way to the future. Even if the script is apt for him with a mass story then it will bring a good name and fame for Sunil as a mass hero. He mostly come up with different scripts and entertain all his fans. He succeeded as comedian in his film career and he want to get the same response as a hero also.

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Sunil Frontal View from Sai Kumar
From the life of Sai Kumar many are suggesting Sunil to take care of the movie scripts and financial matters very strictly.