Suneel Kumar Reddy Cannot Be Arrested In This

Suneel Kumar Reddy

The kidnap and murder of Abhay created a sensation in Hyderabad recently. He was killed for ransom by helpers who worked in house. They started working for the family for last six months and were from Andhra Pradesh.

The murderers were arrested and they reportedly revealed that they hatched this plot after watching four year old film Oka Romantic Crime Katha movie on YouTube. Now there are calls for the film’s director to be arrested for inspiring this murder.

Suneel Kumar Reddy

Suneel Kumar Reddy

Well, the director Suneel Kumar Reddy cannot be blamed alone and then arrested because it is part of creative freedom to make films with different kind of stories. If he has to be arrested then even censor board members must be arrested because they are the ones who passed it.

Sources says that this is really not fare and by a movie inspiration no human can do this. Movies are produced and telecast only for entertainment and this is really mistake to blame the director. Oka Romantic Crime Katha is only produced for entertainment and should get awareness to the public. Many of the movie people are not tolerating this and filed against the censor board. If any thing mistake is presented in the movie then censor board should take care of this before release. Let’s see what happens!

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Suneel Kumar Reddy
Suneel Kumar Reddy is a director in Tollywood who directed Oka Romantic Prema Katha. He is going to be arrested for encouraging the crime scenes in the movie.