Srikanth Mental Police Gets Free Publicity with Police Case

Mental Police

It would not be a surprise to say that one out of every five films these days is dragged to courts. There are a host of reasons why this is happening and it is not a problem confined to just one industry alone in India.

One hero getting many flops in his film career is really a bad luck. But finally the struggle came to end and now he is getting good scripts only because of his hard work. Now a days there is no much priority for family heroes who started their second innings. But slowly Srikanth giving back his work with the character roles along with the Mega heroes and in few other films.

Srikanth Mental Police

Srikanth Mental Police

Now Family star Srikanth upcoming release Mental Police is now in news for the same reason. Police Association of Hyderabad has filed a case against this film release saying the movie is insulting the entire profession of Police as a whole.

The film which has Aksha as heroine is directed by Karanam Babji. We have seen how in the recent past many films get some free publicity due to such cases and legal troubles. Well, even negative news may work positively for a film.

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Srikanth Mental Police
Srikanth is a family star who is entertaining now with back to back films. Now he is coming up as a Powerful Police Officer in mental police. But some of the police men are filed against due to some insulting scenes in the movie.