Srija Belly Dance For Fast Fat Burning

Srija Belly Dance

The biggest enemy for anyone’s body is the fat and given our sedentary lifestyle, fat builds up like anything and is very stubborn to leave. This is the reason why many hit the gym and resort to different forms of activities to ensure they stay fit.

Now, one tip being given by some fitness experts is to enroll for Belly dance. They say that this is the most effective way for burning fat especially for women. The added advantage is, you get to learn one form of dance as well and can perform wherever required.

Srija Belly Dance

Srija Belly Dance

Many are learning this and it is heard that even Megastar Chiranjeevi’s daughter Srija also joined for a week long dance workshop. Buzz is that since her marriage is coming closer she is getting into it and it is showing results as she is being seen in a slim and trim avatar. Now people are following Srija Belly Dance as a new technique.

Srija second marriage will be in March ending, She is going to marry an NRI. Wedding celebrations also started at Chiranjeevi house in Jublie Hills. Mega star Chiranjeevi also very actively and joyfully celebrating the celebrations. some photos of Pasupu Kunkuma ceremony leaked in internet and going viral. We heart fully wishing Chiranjeevi daughter Srija, on behalf of Chiranjeevi fans and his well wishers, “Wish you a very good days ahead in your future, Srija”.

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Srija Belly Dance
Mega Star Chiranjeevi daughter Srija is planning for the fat burning before the marriage. She is practicing the Belly Dance to get an added advantage.