Sr Hero Only On Natural Liquor

Natural Liquor

It is a common habit among many film industry people to close their day with a glass of drink. And then there are those who become alcoholics and ruin their careers. At the same time, there are those who prefer to have only premium brand liquor which suits their taste.

While all this is one side, there is one senior hero in Tollywood who has a different taste. Well, he likes to have only natural liquor what is popularly called as ‘Kallu’ in Telugu. It is heard that wherever he goes for shooting, he ensures that he has his quota of Kallu at the end of the day.

Natural Liquor

Natural Liquor

Since the natural liquor tastes its best when it is freshly taken out from the tree, this hero has got an arrangement wherein he gets his Kallu bottle despite his location. But the big mystery is, nobody knows how he manages when he goes to outstation or other states or countries for shooting.

Drinking Alcohol is very dangerous so taking the natural liquor will reduce a little bit in health damage. So our Senior Hero is taking daily very secretly. Sources are not allowing the others to come out of his name.

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Natural Liquor
One of the senior hero only taking Natural Liquor daily. Even if he goes to shoot he carries the Natural Liquor very secretly in a bag with him.