South America Vacation for Tollywood Stars!

South America Vacation for Tollywood

No matter how famous they are, even celebrities need some time for fun and to unwind. Hence every summer they choose many destinations and leave Hyderabad for a long holiday booking their overseas journeys.

Most of them head to Europe at this time in the year to beat the heat as well as US, Canada and Dubai for some shopping and relaxation. But wherever they go, it may not be possible to hide from fans. The fame of Tollywood stars has risen in the recent years.

South America Vacation for Tollywood

South America Vacation for Tollywood

The reason being there are Telugu people everywhere. If there is one place which is really worth exploring and also safe for our stars from unwanted attention, then it is none other than South America where due to Latin, Indians are very less!

Recently Allu Arjun family went to states to celebrate Allu Ayan second Birthday with family. At the same time Mahesh Babu family went to some other place to have a peaceful time. Meanwhile they are disturbed with the fans over there. Although they have the stardom in personal they too will have feelings to enjoy with the family personally. So many are now choosing South America to spend the time, as there is few Indians who know our star heroes.

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South America Vacation for Tollywood
Tollywood stars always feel to spend some time with their family. But where ever they go they will have the fan following which disturbs their privacy. Sources says that South America is the best place for the vacation.