Sonarika Bhadoria In Tollywood creating a Serious Issue

Sonarika Bhadoria

Sonarika Bhadoria In Tollywood

Sonarika Bhadoria In Tollywood creating a serious issues in Tollywood. Though the entertainment industry is one place where men and women mingle freely there is always a set of discipline that is followed. This is more so when the shooting is happening involving the heroines. Here is one issue making rounds.

Sonarika Bhadoria came up from Bollywood serials to Tollywood big screen. She acted up in Mahadev serial as Parvathi which shows her actual talent skills in the small screen. Because of that serial she became very common to the normal people. Now she was acting up in Tollywood movies and in which there are creating some issues. The main issue is getting her boy friend to the shooting spots.

Sonarika BhadoriaAccording to reports, the lusty beauty Sonarika Bhadoria is currently the coolproperty in Tollywood but her entourage is the issue. Usually, starlets come with their father or mother along with the other assistants.

But it is heard that Sonarika has been getting along her boyfriend and this lad is totally glued to her at all times. While it is not sure if it is affecting the shooting in any way, the unit members feel this is something of a diversion for Sonarika at work.

Sonarika Bhadoria
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