Small Film Behaviour Of Brahmotsavam


When a small budget film is working, they try to work out different ways and methods to cut costs and in that process, they go to outdoor locations such as railway stations, airports and shoot using 5D cameras without anyone’s knowledge. This saves them some expenditure. The same thing done by Brahmotsavam movie unit.

But expecting something similar from a big budget film is unthinkable. However, the team of the big budget flick Brahmostavam has resorted to that and landed in trouble. As such, permissions can be taken but instead of that, they tried to capture the Tirumala Brahmotsavam.



They wanted to do this for free but around three video graphers were caught by police. Had they sought permission it would have been given without much issues but for some reason the ‘Brahmotsavam’ team thought like a small film unit. Sad but true!

The TV channel’s name is not being disclosed and they are confident that one screening of this film on the channel will recover more than 60% of their investment. There are lot of hopes on Brahmotsavam movie because the previous Mahesh Srimanthudu is one of the biggest hit in the Tollywood in 2015. Also the film also more number of awards when compared to Mahesh previous movies.

Article Name
Brahmotsavam movie unit recently shoot Tirumala Brahmotsavam by three video graphers without permission. This shows the behavior of small film.