Shreya Ghoshal Singing Sardaar : What’s So Special About This?

Shreya Ghoshal Singing Sardaar

Whenever a film is preparing for release, the makers look at different angles and how the film can be promoted through some star value. But what rock star Devi Sri Prasad is doing is raising eyebrows. This is about his new film Sardaar Gabbar Singh.

Recently, he got one song crooned by the number one singer in India Shreya Ghoshal. Not stopping at that, he has also posted pictures on social media and spoke a lot about it. With this, many are asking why this particular song.

Shreya Ghoshal Singing Sardaar

Shreya Ghoshal Singing Sardaar

They are also asking what is the promotional element behind this song because Shreya has rendered many songs. Some are speculating whether it is the item song between Pawan and Lakshmi Raai. Whatever it may be, promoting this song is somewhat unusual.

In this regard, it is heard that the Tollywood distributors have come up with a new condition to the mega heroes. Apparently, the buyers for Sardaar Gabbar Singh and other new movie are the same. Hence, they have set down their requirement to the mega heroes, as per sources.

It is heard that the distributors made it clear that once Sardaar Gabbar Singh releases in April, they will wait till the film completes its full business run and once that is done only then other movie should be released. This is a wise move given the way film business works these days.

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Shreya Ghoshal Singing Sardaar
In Sardaar Gabbar Singh movie Shreya Ghosal sung a song and Devi Sri Prasad highlighted about this and posted the pictures. Fans are waiting for what the special is hidden in this song.