Shourya Biggest Release In Manoj Career


The biggest moment for a hero comes when his film gets a substantial release. These days, the number of theaters a film gets is also an indicator of what kind of popularity and demand that hero has. This is the reason why rocking star Manchu Manoj is on cloud nine.

He is arriving with his new film ‘Shourya’ on March 4th and the thing he is excited about is, the release scale. ‘Shourya’ is hitting in 1000 theaters across the globe. This is the biggest release ever in Manoj’s career and he is all thrilled about it.



The fact that ‘Shourya’ is directed by the decent director Dasaradh has added another interesting value to the project. Manoj is pairing up with the expressive seductress Regina and this is slated to be a thriller. This is a crucial one for Manoj, Regina and Dasaradh as they are in need of a hit.

In this movie Manchu Manoj appears in a new style along with handsome look. From the past movies there are no biggest hit for him in Tollywood, now by the movie Shourya hope he get a huge success and his fans may feel proud of him for this different movie.

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Shourya is an upcoming movie in Tollywood which is releasing on March 4th. There are lot of hopes on the movie for the entire unit of Shourya movie.