Shocking Behavior Of RGV


Behavior Of RGV becomes the biggest surprise for everyone. There must be those among your groups who are somewhat unpredictable and hard to read but there comes a point when you start understanding them. However, there is one man in the film industry who is totally unpredictable and you can never understand him.

He is the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma. At a time when everyone finds things to be okay, RGV comes up with a statement or gesture that creates a major controversy. The hub for his creation is the social networking platform Twitter.

Shocking Behavior Of RGV

Behavior Of RGV

Hence, all his admirers and fans keep looking forward to hear something from him. But again, RGV has shocked everyone. After he shifted to Mumbai, he has stopped tweeting and this comes across as very unusual. Let us wait to see what comes next.

He just waiting for the best controversy to be happen and then RGV starts up to tweet again in a different way. RGV always want to be in controversy by commenting others. He may busy because he recently shifted Mumbai and he is trying to get adjust with his surroundings. Soon fans of him expect him to do one tweet which creates the biggest controversy.

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Behavior Of RGV
After shifting to Mumbai now-a-days Ram Gopal Varma is not at all posting any tweet in his account. This making everyone surprise for a change in his behavior.