She Did It Only For Him?

She Did It Only For Him

She Did It Only For Him

She Did It Only For Him in Robo 2.0. Sharing screen space with a legend like Rajinikanth is indeed an honour, according to Amy Jackson. She has revealed that Rajinikanth’s Robo 2.0 was chosen by her just because she wanted to act with the legendary superstar.

Amy added that her well-wishers advised her not to sign the film since she might have to work on this project easily for more than a year, but she reiterated that it is very much an honor to work with Rajinikanth. Amy Jackson reportedly offered two years of bulk dates to Shankar’s I earlier!

This is really a special offer for Amy Jackson for getting an opportunity to work with Rajinikanth. There is no more film for one year and the entire dates has been given for Robo 2.0 movie. In this movie Amy Jackson and Rajinikanth both are playing special characters. They both going to act as Robo in this movie.

This is very special news for the fans to see them in Robo model and how they going to act as a Robo is really creating anxiety. This also improves the expectations on the movie as there is long gap for making. Now presently the shooting is going on Chennai outskirts.