Serious Thrillers To Comedy Thrillers


Among the different genres of cinema that hit the screens, the common ones are action, comedy or romance. In the recent years, this genres are getting blended and new genres are coming. But the most unexplored and challenging genres is thriller.

It is not often that you get to see thrillers happening in Tollywood but now they have changed their approach. Many number of thrillers are currently on the floors and in pipeline. While this is a good sign, the film analysts have already given another prediction.

Serious Thrillers

Serious Thrillers

Currently serious thrillers are considered as the coolproperty but very soon they would get replaced. The comedy thrillers will come in a big way and they are going to have a longer innings. This is going to be a worthy experience for the audience then.

Previously many people feel afraid to watch thriller movies. But now this become very common to watch thrillers as entire movie is mostly filled up with comedy. But few are enjoying this type of genre but some more are getting bored with this genre. Only thriller movies will carry some suspense and make to feel viewers fear for some time and it will be so interesting aspect.

Comedy Thrillers

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Serious Thrillers To Comedy Thrillers
Now a days Tollywood is following the trend of Comedy Thrillers instead of Serious Thrillers. This type of movie are reducing the interest of viewers on thriller movies.