Seniors Advising Srikanth With J-Formula

Srikanth With J-Formula

As an actor, the only way to survive and sustain in the long term is to come up with variety and versatility in roles. This is the reason why someone like the powerhouse performer Prakash Raj doesn’t become routine. The challenge comes mostly with heroes who don’t want to change their image. Now Srikanth with J-Formula is suggested by many senior actors.

Reports from film nagar circles reveal some of the seniors are advising family star Srikanth regarding his future plans. Apparently, the talk is that he is being advised to play characters that the Prime Star Jagapathi Babu is essaying. If you noticed, Jagapathi Babu is ruling the roost currently with his roles.

Srikanth With J-Formula

Srikanth With J-Formula

Buzz is that the seniors also advised Srikanth that anyhow his films won’t run because the demand is very low and some of the films will not even get a proper release. It now remains to be seen how Srikanth will plan his way forward. His roles in movies like ‘Khadgam’ are really unforgettable.

Not only Khadgam he got the more family image by the movies Preyasi Raave, Aahwanam and so on. Once upon a time he is the leading hero who only apt for the family love stories. But now the time got reversed and atleast his movies not even getting release in theaters with good collections.

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Srikanth With J-Formula
Many Senior actors are advising Srikanth to act in Villain characters like Jagapathi Babu rather than as a hero, as there are no collections for his films.