Senior Telugu Actor’s Public vulgarness

Senior Telugu Actor's

Senior Telugu Actor’s

Senior Telugu Actor’s vulgar in public. All of us know and imagine actors at a different plane and there is high regard and esteem for them. But at the end of the day, they are also human beings and they also have their own share of personal side.

But to those who are part of the industry, they are well aware of it. The talk now is about this senior Telugu actor and his public vulgar acts. He has this habit of becoming vulgar while sleeping and not wearing anything.

If it is home it is okay but he does the same even in hotel rooms while working in other locations. Those who travel closely with him know and reveal he roams around vulgar when inside room. It is only in public he wears clothes. The industry seniors know this and find it to be shocking because this senior actor keeps giving vulgar darshans.

This news really made everyone shock for having the different habit. All the people are saying that this is seem to be like a movie shoot. But it’s not in the movie and this happens really in his day-to-day life. But no one have the idea who is the senior actor behaving like this in the public.