Senior Naresh Personal Life and Interesting Line From his Life


There are ups and downs in everyone’s life and even our celebrities are no exception to this. Yesteryears comedy hero Naresh has faced some problems in personal and financial life and he also went through a divorce.

Now Naresh has again picked up his career with very good projects in Telugu as well as Tamil. Even on personal front, he has been remarried. Recently he also revealed that with his second wife’s permission, he maintains good friendship with first wife.

Senior Naresh Personal Life

Senior Naresh Personal Life

Naresh reportedly said that he is assisting his first wife Rekha regarding a project on Autism. Well such unique bond is definitely not that common to find and his personal life can become an interesting story line as well.

Also he said that his elder son is with him only. His elder son is going to give entry into the films soon as he loves editing work. His dream is to work as editor. His second son is with his first wife and he is working out on animations. The two families are very friendly even now also. They used to attend all the functions and we are very friendly now. But due to the several reasons and pressures in the past they got divorced in an understanding situation.

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Senior Naresh Personal Life
Senior actor Naresh recently had an interview with one of the TV channel. In that interview he revealed about his personal life and about his first and second wife and their relations now.