Senior Director Gender Policy

Senior Director

Senior Director cool policy in the past to offer the chances as an actress in their films is really scaring now. Though it is not spoken in the open, the dark underbelly of the entertainment industry is the casting couch. Sometimes it is more like a part of the agreement and other times, it is more mutual. The talk now is about one senior director in the industry.

It is heard that there are many girls who approach him from time to time seeking opportunities. Among them, whenever a new girl comes, some of them are ready to offer themselves to the director without even expecting anything from him.

Senior Director

Senior Director

However, this senior director has got a policy. He doesn’t touch these girls unless he is offering them a role in their project or he is willing to offer money to that girl. Unless either of these conditions are not met, this director doesn’t touch the girl. Strange but true!

The details of the director are not coming out as he is one of the biggest director in the film industry. As the time changes now these type of things has been reduced and getting chances without any commitments. Only the true talent and luck should be there to get an good opportunity in the film industry.

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Senior Director
Senior Director in the past days used to have a sex policy to offer a chance in their films.