Sarrainodu Movie and SGS Unit Should Thank Dhanalakshmi

Sarrainodu Movie

These days, there is a lot of tension among film actors and film makers when it comes to rating. The censor board’s regional office has been facing lot of heat with some actions by officer Dhanalakshmi proving to be controversial.

The issue came out in open with many openly lamenting that she is working against film industry’s interests wantedly by giving A. But recently this issue has faded with things going fine. Both Sardaar Gabbar Singh and Sarrainodu got U/A rating.

Sarrainodu Movie

Sarrainodu Movie

This is seen as really beneficial for films; especially big budge tones as it doesn’t affect collections due to restrictive A rating. Hence the film makers are quite happy and many feel they should thank Dhanalakshmi!

Really if these two movies get A certificate then many of the family audience may not prefer to watch in the beginning. But as the movies got U/A certificate family audience are happy to watch in theaters for the first day. Sardaar Gabbar Singh and Sarrainodu movie units should thank Dhanalakshmi officer for this rating for their movies. Now a days even though there are good movies they are getting A certificate rating due to some issues. But this time this big budget movies crossed out all the tensions.

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Sarrainodu Movie
Sarrainodu movie is going to hit the theaters this month starring Allu Arjun, Catherine Tresa, Rakul Preet Singh. This movie got U/A certificate rating because of Dhanalakshmi officer.