Saree Modeling Ignoring Heroines

Saree Modeling

Products and brands associating with film personalities for endorsement is a common phenomenon and that’s how the business works. This is more among those products which has to do with ladies clothing. The most favorite accessory for any woman is Saree.

With that in mind, many Saree companies have to promote themselves aggressively and they used to rope in known actresses at one point of time. But now, it is being noticed that the Saree companies have begun ignoring the starlets and they have a valid reason.

Saree Modeling

Saree Modeling

Whenever the film heroines are approached, they are charging high and it is causing a dent to the budget of the Saree brands. So now, they are going for Russian models because they are very cheap and they are much more beautiful than local heroines. Just for 1/10th the price they are getting four times better output and modeling.

The other advantage of having the models from Russian are they won’t demand more for money. Also they will be working in the convenient way in which the Saree modeling company needs them. But in the case of local heroines they will demand more than the work they did. Luxuries also should be provided more.

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Saree Modeling
Now a days Saree Modeling unit ignoring local heroines and preferring Russian models. This is because they will have the ads in their budget.