Sardaar Item Song Reserved For Pawan Kalyan?

Sardaar Item Song

There are certain themes created for few stars and in case they are not used openly, then they are just kept aside for future. Here is one such tune of an item song which was expected to be used for Pawan Kalyan in the film Puli.

But this idea was dropped. This song is reportedly very catchy and has become popular already and hence it was planned to feature in his next film Panja after Puli. Again the song was not included and finally all hopes were on Sardaar.

Sardaar Item Song

Sardaar Item Song

The mass masala item number was widely touted to be included for Sardaar but sources say that again it is not happening. Well the song is being reserved for Pawan only but people are waiting to see finally which of his films would feature this song.

Already the item song is now ready and some of the shooting scenes are leaked into the social media. Some item songs will be very attractive to the audience but it is to be kept in the right movie. Otherwise there will be no sink of the item song with the movie. Especially this should be take care more in Pawan Kalyan movies. It is because item songs in Pawan movies are more attractive to the audience.

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Sardaar Item Song
From the last few movies of Pawan Kalyan there is a trouble to put up one item song in Pawan movie. Hope that song will be in Sardaar but sources says that the item song will be in his next movie.