Sardaar Gabbar Singh Overseas Rs 100 Cr Is Easy Target

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Overseas

Power Star Pawan Kalyan mania has clearly gripped Telugu states and the film has released today amid super high expectations. Sources say that the main target as always is record collections for the film including big moolah during weekend.

If one looks at the pre-release business, then in Telugu states alone the film has been sold for 61 crores. When combined with the rights for Overseas, Hindi and Karnataka, this figure has touched around 87 crores.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Overseas

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Overseas

To this, if we add satellite, YouTube rights and other figures, then it would reach nearly 102 crores. The film is expected to target 100 crores easily and the first day collection itself is expected to be 20-22 crores.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh movie is finally got released and this is creating a great hype and craze in the social media. Many are focusing on the overseas business of Sardaar Gabbar Singh. Many challenged this movie won’t cross the expected¬† overseas. But only the premier shows and benefit shows itself shows the collections are reached to the higher level. The movie review is average and many are considered the movie as above average. Let’s wait and see to finish up Sardaar Gabbar Singh a week after release and the collections overseas business at the box office.

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Sardaar Gabbar Singh Overseas
Sardaar Gabbar Singh Overseas collections had a target of Rs.100 Cr and now this is easily crossed out after the movie release within one day. Let's see for the overall collections of the movie after a week.