Sardaar Gabbar Singh and Sarrainodu got Condition from Distributors

Sardaar Gabbar Singh and Sarrainodu

Though the big stars rule the industry and the box office, they are also expected to oblige one set of people. They are the distributors and buyers. Ultimately, it is these people who push the film into the market and the real financial come from them for the industry.

In this regard, it is heard that the Tollywood distributors have come up with a new condition to the mega heroes. Apparently, the buyers for Sardaar Gabbar Singh and Sarrainodu are the same. Hence, they have set down their requirement to the mega heroes, as per sources.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh and Sarrainodu

Sardaar Gabbar Singh

It is heard that the distributors made it clear that once Sardaar Gabbar Singh releases in April, they will wait till the film completes its full business run and once that is done only then Sarrainodu should be released. This is a wise move given the way film business works these days.


This is the main decision taken by the Tollywood seriously. This is because releasing two trend movies at a time creating loss to the movie unit and also for the distributors. So releasing one after other will have more profit and also the fans can have a clarity to watch the movie happily.

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Sardaar Gabbar Singh and Sarrainodu
As the tow big movies releasing on the same day creating a loss for the distributors, this time Sardaar Gabbar Singh and Sarrainodu movie got some conditions from the distributors.