Saptagiri-Yadagiri Issue Among TV Viewers



Saptagiri-Yadagiri Issue is now became the latest issue between Andhra and Telangana states. The manner in which the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh has happened is known to all. As a result, there are those loose ends which need to be filled. So, a new issue is currently on and this has to do with the television viewers.

Apparently, the Andhra Pradesh Doordarshan is called Saptagiri channel while the Telangana doordarshan is called Yadagiri channel. While Saptagiri is not shown in Telangana, Yadagiri is not shown in Andhra Pradesh.

The TV viewers are saying when other language channels are coming why cable operators have issue with telecasting these two channels. They add it is just another state and another channel. Many are keen to watch those programs so let us wish the concerned authorities oblige.

Usually all the TV channels will be provided by the set up boxes. In TV channels people use to see other state channels easily then what about this Saptagri-Yadagiri channels. They can easily solve this issue.

Whoever need these channels can subscribe and the others can keep quiet. It’s only a part of the entertainment but some of the people dragging this issue into state politics which creates more distance between the two states. If they telecast both the channels in both the states the TV viewers will be having comfort to have the news and programs of both the states.