Sanjay Dutt Real Life Story by RGV

Real Life Story by RGV

The film industry is a creative field and there are many instances when some of the ideas get used by someone else. Of course, there are also some instances where things happen genuinely or due to a twist of fate. Here is one such example for your reference. Soon we have Sanjay Dutt Real Life Story by RGV.

From a long time, the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma used to say if “I am put in jail, I will be the happiest. I will listen to the stories of the prison inmates and once I come out, I will make movies on their stories.” We don’t know whether RGV will go behind bars but here is something.

Real Life Story by RGV

Real Life Story by RGV

His very good friend, the deadly Sanjay Dutt has gone to the jail and he is now getting the privilege of eating RGV’s cake. Well, Sanju Baba is coming out very soon and reports reveal he will make a movie on the story of one of his jail inmates. Better luck next time RGV!

It is already known fact that RGV is much interested to take the real life time scripts. Also he worked and got success with Killing Veerappan movie and his upcoming project is Vangaveeti. After Vangaveeti RGV will have a meet with Sanjay Dutt to write a script on his life experiences.

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Real Life Story by RGV
It's Ram Gopal Varma special interest to have the scripts of real life stories and make it as a movie to know the unknown facts.