Sanghavi Married @ 38

Sanghavi Married

In the Indian society, marriage is a thing that is related to age more than the understanding of the partners or their readiness. In a way, this is also a good policy because few benefits come during later stages of life. However, such things don’t apply for film industry people.

There are many couples who have massive age gap amongst themselves and then there are those ladies who get married in late 30s. Some of them like Anushka, Trisha, Shriya are not even thinking about getting married soon. But one lady has taken that step.

Sanghavi Married

Sanghavi Married

She is none other than Sanghavi who was a coolproperty during 90s. Sanghavi has started a new chapter in her life by getting married few days ago and the man in her life happens to be Venkatesh, an entrepreneur based in Bangalore. Sanghavi is born in October 1977. There is a great change in her face.

She was so cute and bubbly. Even her husband also looks good. Both of them are going to start a new life with new hopes. Many other heroine also should consider about their personal life and should marry soon without considering their professional life. Here’s wishing her and Venkatesh a happy married life.

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Sanghavi Married
Finally Actress Sanghavi married at the age of 38 with Venkatesh who is an entrepreneur in Bangalore. Wishing her Happy Married Life.