Sampoornesh Babu as Magadheera in Kobbari Matta

Sampoornesh Babu as Magadheera

Sampoornesh Babu as Magadheera

Sampoornesh Babu as Magadheera in Kobbari Matta movie creates a sensation in the film industry. Boiling star Sampoornesh Babu is one of those rare examples of becoming a star overnight and his specialty lies in coming up with spoofs. This time, he has attempted something big which is catching attention of all.

Sampoo would be seen in the movie ‘Kobbari Matta’ and the promotion is happening in an interesting manner. A poster has come out coming up with dialogues hailing Sampoo. Those who saw it say it reminds them of ‘Magadheera’.

Apparently, few captions are given in the poster and it is just like those dialogues which introduce Ram Charan in ‘Magadheera’. The film is directed by Steven Shankar and expectations are high on this one.

Sampoornesh Babu break the film records by Hrudaya Kaleyam movie. The movie got more popular by Sampoornesh Babu and this creates a great comedy style by him. Later he did many films but there is no big hits for him.

Now he started working with Kobbari Matta movie which brings Hrudayam Kaleyam success again by this movie. In this movie there is a spoof of Magadheera movie which gets more highlighted than the other scenes. Luck may get favour for Sampoornesh babu again by Kobbari Matta movie.

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