Samantha Replaces Anushka?


In an industry where hero centric films rule the roost, there are those heroines who established a power of their own and set up a good market. Notable among them is the awesome beauty Anushka and she is always the first choice for heroine centric films.

However, this time, Anushka was kept aside for an important project and her place is being given to the cute smile queen Samantha. We are talking about the film ‘Rudraksha’ being helmed by the creative genius Krishna Vamsi. Many are wondering why this happened so here is an update.

Samantha Replaces Anushka

Samantha Replaces Anushka

In ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ Anushka did a guest role and sources say Krishna Vamsi felt she has put on weight. Also, there is a feeling from his team that Anushka is outdated and is no longer a crowd puller. Added to that, Anushka has already done movies like ‘Arundhati’ ‘Panchakshari’ which are of similar genre. So, it is heard that he is moving ahead with Samantha to break the routine.

Viewers should wait and see whether Samantha will impress in Rudraksha more than Anushka or not. It’s common to see Anushka in those roles but sources says that only those roles are suitable for Anushka more than the other actress.

Article Name
Samantha Replaces Anushka
Director Krishna Vamsi replaces Samantha in the place of Anushka for Rudraksha movie.