Rs 2 Cr For RGV Office Interior Design

Rs 2 Cr For RGV Office

When film personalities especially directors decide upon setting up their office, they use the minimum expenditure because it keeps changing from time to time. But there are also those directors who have that taste and want everything rich and classy.

One such person is the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma and it is known that he has shifted to Mumbai recently. Now, reports are coming from Mumbai that he is spending a bomb for his new office. His staff has revealed just the office interior design cost itself is 2 crores.

Rs 2 Cr For RGV Office

Rs 2 Cr For RGV Office

It is heard that this would take one more month for completion and the office is set up in Veera Desai road in Andheri West, Mumbai. Recently, some Tollywood folks also visited RGV’s new office and they were blown away by the interiors and the grandeur inside.

Buzz is that RGV is not compromising on the quality and standard. As part of that, the interior design’s cost itself is 2 crore and RGV is not hesitating to spend so much. For a man who has made movies with 20 lakhs budget, this type of grandeur is a big surprise. He always used to say that I’m a simple man with no luxuries. But now after going to Mumbai he changed his life style.

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Rs 2 Cr For RGV Office
RGV spending a big amount on his office in Mumbai. Only the interior design costs around Rs 2 Cr and this news is really a big shock to his fans.