RGV Vangaveeti Upsets all Female Artists

RGV Vangaveeti

If one has to name controversy’s favorite child then the unanimous vote will go for the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma. Every other statement of his creates a sensation and his volley of tweets about stars and other issues creates a lot of friction among many quarters.

This time, it is heard that many female artists are upset with RGV albeit for a positive reason. RGV announced his sensational project Vangaveeti and many starlets were aspiring to be in it because this is going to be his last Telugu film. But sad news came in no time.

RGV Vangaveeti

RGV Vangaveeti

The requirement is for only one female actress in Vangaveeti and it has gone to a Bengali actress named Naina Ganguly. As a result, others don’t have chance.  They are trying hard but they are feeling bad that there is no role in the film. Some are positive they might get a chance in RGV’s other films.

Still now there is lot of buzz created on Vangaveeti movie by Ram Gopal Varma. Now the trend is Naina Ganguly in the role of Vangaveeti Ratnakumari. Now Vangaveeti Ratnakumari is grabbing the attention. Hope RGV will soon reveal the entire cast and crew of Vangaveeti movie.

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RGV Vangaveeti
RGV Vangaveeti movie had chance for only one female artist. For this many female artists are feeling upset with Ram Gopal Varma. Hope atleast they will get in other RGV movies.