RGV Tweet on P K fans shows No Use Even Shifting To Mumbai


It was nothing short of a heartbreak for many cine buffs and fans of the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma when he shifted his base from Hyderabad to Mumbai. He has also announced that Vangaveeti is going to be his last Telugu directorial.

But there were also those who were relieved that he has vacated Hyderabad. The reason being, they thought RGV would stop tweeting about Tollywood celebrities especially the likes of power star Pawan Kalyan and others and get back to his Bollywood routine.

RGV Tweet on P K fans

RGV Tweet on P K fans

However, though he shifted he is still continuing his comments on them and this time he also rubbed fans of Pawan Kalyan on the wrong side. Some of the practical thinkers say that’s RGV’s way of staying in limelight by creating some trouble or the other.

RGV is one of the most controversy in Tollywood. Whatever happens from the celebrities he immediately give a tweet in the social media. Recently he tweet that he watch the interview of Pawan Kalyan and so he was very much impressed. Even to make a believe he even promised on Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu also. Later yesterday he again tweet that he love Pawan Kalyan and God but he hates the devotees of God and Pawan Kalyan fans for the same reason. This tweet is creating a greater controversy to RGV from P K fans.

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RGV Tweet on P K fans
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