RGV Nonstop Torture To Harish Shankar

Torture To Harish Shankar

One has to be very lucky to be mentioned by director Ram Gopal Varma on and off. It is a known fact that RGV’s favorite means to communicate is twitter these days and he devotes his tweets to any particular person on some occasions.

Now it is the turn of Tollywood director Harish Shankar who has become the latest object of attention for our Ramu. He directed the hit film of power star Pawan Kalyan, Gabbar Singh four years ago. Now RGV is fully teasing him.

Torture To Harish Shankar

Torture To Harish Shankar

There has been back to back tweets from RGV directed at Harish Shankar, which is nothing but nonstop torture for him. But so far, there has been no reaction or response from him, for the tweets which included references to Gabbar Singh.

Even there is also discussion that Sardaar Gabbar Singh team also not invited Gabbar Singh director for the audio release. Many sources says that Harish Shankar felt bad for this. But he never expressed that. Also at the same time when Chiranjeevi praised Harish Shankar in the Sardaar audio function. This is posted by himself in the social media in the form of tweet and thanked Chiranjeevi for his blessings and compliments on Gabbar Singh.

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Torture To Harish Shankar
RGV always target to the celebrities in the form of tweets. This time RGV concentrated on Harish Shankar and posting the tweets on his Gabbar Singh movie. Let's see what Harish Shankar will do now!