RGV Film Announcement Is Just For Fun

RGV Film Announcement

There is a lot of spadework that happens before announcing a film because it has to do with the image, credential and reputation of the person involved. Despite knowing that, there is one filmmaker who makes announcements about films and he doesn’t really care much.

He is none other than the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma. In the recent past, RGV has come up with many statements announcing different films. It must be said that not many have even hit the floors. Recently, RGV announced a film named ‘Tiger Of Liquor Alley’.

RGV Film Announcement

RGV Film Announcement

He also followed it up with few tweets and many felt it has to do with the story of the accused Vijay Mallya. Before things can go serious, here is the latest update. It is now being stated that RGV just said that for fun and there is nothing serious happening on this.

Movie announcements become funny for Ram Gopal Varma and so he tweets like that. Sources says that he is now working with Vangaveeti movie. Vangaveeti movie had lot of craze in the viewers as it is based on the real life story of Vangaveeti MohanaRanga. From the particular periodic time from his marriage to death RGV going to present in this movie.

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RGV Film Announcement
RGV stated that he is going to work with new movie Tiger of Liquor Alley in his twitter account. But actually this movie is not happening and this is his next tweet.