RGV Earns Rs 25 Cr After All Flops?

RGV Earns Rs 25 Cr

RGV Earns Rs 25 Cr

RGV Earns Rs 25 Cr after all flops in his film career. There are only two reactions you get when you hear the name of the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma, you love him or you hate him. As for his graph as a filmmaker, the success quotient has been very low in the last few years.

But RGV has gone ahead undeterred and he came up with back to back movies. But now, after a record string of flops, he has scored a hit and that too with a whopping 25 crores net revenue at the box office. We are talking about his recent offering ‘Killing Veerappan’.

RGV Earns Rs 25 CrReports say the film grossed 20 crores in Kannada and in Telugu the share has reached 2.5 crores. The satellite rights have gone for 3 crores in Kannada and 1 crore is expected for Telugu. Adding them all along with the other collections, it is touching a cool 25 crores. This is a huge success indeed.

Really this make RGV to feel better from his old situation. Becuase there are no hits in his film career from long time. But now Killing Veerappan movie gave him a hit and made him to feel proud again with the collections. Not only RGV the actors in the movie also get a good name and fame as before they have.

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RGV Earns Rs 25 Cr
RGV Earns Rs 25 Cr by Killing Veerappan movie success. After a long time he got the success with the collections at the box office.