RGV Caste Controversy Failed?

RGV Caste Controversy

Apart from his cult and path breaking movies a long time ago, the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma is famous these days for his controversial tweets. The latest in that was a volley blasting Vangaveeti Radha. RGV came up with highly controversial tweets.

He spoke a lot about the Kapu and Kamma community in those tweets. This has become a coolmatter and now to divert that, he released a press note related to his new movie called as ‘Government’. Many say these are purely diversion tactics from Ramu.

RGV Caste Controversy

RGV Caste Controversy

While he is doing his part to stay away from the focus, fact remains that those who got hooked onto the Kamma-Kapu tweets from him are not letting it go. They are discussing strongly on that and are planning some strict retaliatory measures. Let us see.

From the beginning Ram Gopal Varma used to say that he is not related to caste. There is nothing wrong to express their own caste to anyone. But he mainly use to say that don’t show the difference on the society on the name of caste. Hope so atleast his movie will bring some awareness in the public on the issues of caste and the fight against caste.

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RGV Caste Controversy
Ram Gopal Varma failed to divert the caste controversy. Recently the incident happened in Tuni is really unbearable.