Renu Desai Surprise Retweet shows Sentiment

Renu Desai Surprise Retweet

No matter how much one achieves or what they are doing, the bliss of marital life is altogether different. It is always a cherished memory that stays in life. It doesn’t matter whether it is common man or celebrity, the attachment is same.

Now Renu Desai, estranged wife of power star Pawan Kalyan is also undergoing same emotional changes. She recently re-tweeted a post in which the picture of her marriage with Pawan Kalyan was seen in a photo frame of an auto.

Renu Desai Surprise Retweet

Renu Desai Surprise Retweet

Naturally Renu Desai is happy and at the same also nostalgic of the good old days together. Hence, she has taken some time off and specially re-tweeted the picture which shows her attachment with Pawan!

Due to the third marriage issue Renu Desai left Pawan Kalyan and went far away. But the love between them had never died. This is the proof for that. One of her fan Badrinath from Vizag posted that there is a special thing in the pic. So please observe that. Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai marriage pic is posted there. This is liked by Renu Desai and posted onto her twitter account by saying surprise. This re tweet for her fan shows that she have still love on Pawan Kalyan.

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Renu Desai Surprise Retweet
One of the fan of Renu Desai posted out Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai marriage pic to her twitter. Immediately Renu Desai retweeted by saying Surprise in her twitter account.