Ravi Teja’s Strategy With New Directors

Ravi Teja's Strategy With New Directors

Ravi Teja’s Strategy With New Directors

Ravi Teja’s Strategy With New Directors is creating trend in Tollywood. After becoming a big star, the career graph has to be maintained very steadily as there cannot be any room for failures. One flop is sufficient to shake the balance. So, the heroes are devising new methods.

For starters, they are going ahead with budding directors because their scripts and ideas would be fresh. One such actor is Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja and here is his strategy while dealing with them.

It is heard that Ravi Teja is telling the directors to focus completely on the script and make it much stronger while he would take care of arranging the producers and the budget. What more can a new director ask for than this.

As there are many failures now for Ravi Teja he is thinking that there should be a strong script for a great success. From past few films there is no success rate for Ravi Teja because of his appearance in the movie and also there is no script which is apt for him.

So this time Ravi Teja gave the offer for the directors that not to think about the investment for the movie just only concentrate on the script. This is a great offer to the new directors to have a good script.

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