Ravi Teja Six Pack Poetry from Actor Uttej


It is a very good thing to be fit and muscular but sufficient precautions need to be taken to ensure you get that perfect look without losing your charm on the face. This is more important for those who are in the film industry especially the big range of heroes.

However, some did not take note of it. For instance, after becoming a hero from a comedian level, Sunil got into this major fitness mode and he came up with a six pack. In this process, he ended up losing all his charm on the face and began looking very unappealing.

Ravi Teja Six Pack

Ravi Teja Six Pack

Now, Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja has ended up doing the same mistake. He has hit the gym and has now come up with a six pack. Recently, few stills came out and he looks quite lean and starved. Sunil also lost his look with six pack and the same is happening now with Ravi Teja.

Actor Uttej wrote a poetry on Ravi Teja six pack which describes the hard work and dedication for his next film. He also said that even though he loses the look he did it as it is his work. Uttej appreciated Ravi Teja and finally this really shows the Ravi Teja dedication on his work.

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Ravi Teja Six Pack
Ravi Teja Six Pack creating a lot of buzz in the social media. Many are commenting that Ravi Teja loses his charm on his face with the six pack and also showing aged look.