Ram Charan Thani Oruvan Film In Brisk Pace

Ram Charan Thani Oruvan

Whenever the film of a big hero is in the making it is bound to create a lot of hype and it takes a good number of months to get completed. But in the recent past, the directors and stars have realized the importance of time and budget involved.

As a result, the shootings are happening briskly and currently one mega film is happening rapidly. We are talking about the remake of the Tamil blockbuster Thani Oruvan featuring Mega Powerstar Ram Charan and sweet Punjabi Lassi Rakul Preet Singh.

Ram Charan Thani Oruvan

Ram Charan Thani Oruvan

The film is directed by Surendar Reddy and reports reveal the first schedule has come to an end. The interesting part is, this got wrapped up without the presence of Charan. The release date is already locked for August 9th so this is a good progress.

Making a film might be easy but in order to get it released properly and then recover the money at the box office is the most arduous task. This is where many producers and directors are falling flat. Hence, they are now opting for a smarter method. That is none other than movie remakes. They seem to have concluded that remake of hit movies from other languages is the safest bet.

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Ram Charan Thani Oruvan
Ram Charan now busy in the remake of Thani Oruvan Tamil Film. Half of the shooting is finished and the movie unit said that movie will be released on August 9th.