Ram Charan Blood Camp become Role Model Son Of Iconic Dad

Ram Charan Blood Camp

Megastar Chiranjeevi was always known for his some big decisions which made heads turnaround. His venture of Blood Bank was an advantage for his career in late 90s and also brought him a social image.

Now his son and Mega Power Star Ram Charan Tej is all set to do such an act on the occasion of his birthday celebrations on March 27th. Nearly 250 blood donation camps are being organized in various places of India and overseas.

Ram Charan Blood Camp

Ram Charan Blood Camp

In each camp, preparations are being made for atleast 1000 volunteers to donate blood and finally the tally would come up to Lakhs of units of blood, that may enter Guinness records. Clearly, Ram Charan is planning to create new record.

Already there is a great image for Ram Charan with his helping nature. With the help of Upsana Apollo hospital he is planning to provide free service and this is also proved for one of the dance master in Tollywood. Again conducting the blood banks camp is also part of this hospital and encouraging the blood donors to save life. Now Ram Charan is busy in doing movies with new type of scripts. Let’s see what all Ram Charan is going to get more value for his dad.

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Ram Charan Blood Camp
Ram Charan now become the role model for many people and this came for him from his dad Chiranjeevi. Now he is conducting blood camps and showing his dad responsibilities.