Rajinikanth’s Robo 2.0 Film Story In Circulation

Robo 2.0 Film Story

Robo 2.0 Film Story

Robo 2.0 Film Story is now revolving in Kollywood and Tollywood. Whenever a big star’s film is up for release, it is bound to create a lot of speculation and the first target is the story. True to that, one talk has emerged about the story of ‘Robo 2.0’ featuring superstar Rajinikanth.

A news is coming from Chennai that the story is leaked and it is about how Rajini who does the role of Scientist ends up bringing out Chitti from the museum because another robot he created gets into the villain’s camp.

The other robot is essayed by Bollywood’s charming star Akshay Kumar. Now, whether all this is true or not, the story seems convincing to many. Well, only director Shankar can confirm all this.

As Robo movie is a block buster hit from Shankar and Rajinikanth there are more expectations on Robo 2.0 and Robo 2.0 film story before release. The main role played by Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson and Akshay Kumar. There is a gossip that Amy Jackson performs a Robo in the movie. She is preparing herself to act as a perfect Robo. Now the shooting is going on in Chennai outskirts.

Even Rajinikanth not moving to home in the evening after the shooting because to save his time and energy. This indirectly saves the money for the production team on daily basis travel.

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Robo 2.0 Film Story
The story of Robo 2.0 is now circulating in the film industry with a great suspense