Rajamouli vs Krish: Gandhi Vs Lal Bahadur Sastry

Rajamouli vs Krish

It is important that there is equal recognition given for everyone who wins same laurels but sometimes this doesn’t happen. We celebrate October 2nd as Gandhi Jayanthi with pomp and honor.

At the same time, not many are aware that even former PM Lal Bahadur Shastri was born on the same day, i.e. October 2. This has now parallels to even films. The magnum opus Bahubali winning national award has become big news.

Rajamouli vs Krish

Rajamouli vs Krish

Naturally the tough taskmaster SS Rajamouli has been winning praise from all over. However at the same time, the intellectual director Krish’s film Kanche has also secured Best Film In Telugu but it has been completely overshadowed by Bahubali buzz. As there is a lot of craze for Bahubali from long back many are discussing about Bahubali rather than Kanche movie. Bahubali movie is more in news with negative comments also.

Many of Bollywood and other film industry people are opposing that Bahubali is not deserved to take the National Best Film Award. So in an negative way it got more popular in the media. But director Krish work for Kanche movie is also gave the tremendous output. The way Krish delivered this movie is really showed a great vision and it make to feel proud more about our country. Anyway Ladduz Congratulating Bahubali and Kanche movie unit for having the National Awards for best film.

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Rajamouli vs Krish
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