Raj Tarun No To Big Director

Raj Tarun

Where there is the right kind of talent and if that is blessed with a stroke of luck then success will come running to you from all directions. The film industry is the best place to see such stories and one such example is that of the young hero Raj Tarun.

He came to the industry to become a director and is now a bankable hero with strong market value. It is heard that Raj Tarun has got good knowledge of judging scripts and recently he ended up rejecting a big director after giving a formal consent to his project.

Raj Tarun

Raj Tarun

The big director is none other than senior film maker Vamsi and it is heard that the duo was to come up with a new film. But sources say that after the success of ‘Kumari 21F’, the scene of Raj Tarun has changed completely and he has gotten into the big league. Bad luck to Vamsi who is waiting to bounce back.

But sources also says that he may committed other movies or else he is busy with other schedules. Or else he may not like the script of Vamsi. Official reason should be known only if Raj Tarun or Vamsi interact with the media.

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Raj Tarun
Recently director Vamsi asked Raj Tarun to do a movie with him. But Raj Tarun rejected the offer of Vamsi. Reason behind this should be known.