Rahul Gymnastics for Movie Chances


In order to become an actor of demand it is necessary to have a good body, the right body language and along with that, the right kind of voice that reflects manliness. While it is hard to have all of them, sometimes it becomes necessary to give that right feel.

This is the discussion happening in film nagar circles looking at one youngster. He is none other than Rahul who is better known as Tyson from ‘Happy Days’. After that, he was seen in films like ‘Rainbow’ ‘Love You Bangaram’ which didn’t work at the box office.

Rahul Gymnastics

Rahul Gymnastics

But Rahul was a lean and lanky kid in ‘Happy Days’ and now he has become a muscular hunk. Many feel this is for film opportunities only but at the same time, they are expressing concern over his voice which is rather squeaky and like a kid. Maybe Rahul should look at a professional dubbing artist then.

Many heroes will grab the first opportunity easily and will have a great success. But there will be no other perfect success for them to survive in the film industry. The same thing happened for Rahul also. He also build up his body with six pack to grab the new opportunities. Let’s see what happens!

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Rahul Gymnastics
Rahul is getting ready with six pack to have the movie opportunities. But no one are offering movie chances for them as there is no success to them.