Raghava Lawrence Charity hard Believer

Raghava Lawrence Charity

There is a significant difference between talking long statements about charity, bringing a difference to this world and actually doing it. There are many who belong to the first category and only very few good souls who come into the second category.

One person who is deeply into such noble deeds but doesn’t believe in talking about it is the multi-talented personality Raghava Lawrence. Reports say he is into some major charity works and one among them is getting free heart surgeries done for poor kids.

Raghava Lawrence Charity

Raghava Lawrence Charity

Recently, Lawrence came up with a statement wherein the count of such kids has reached 128 and he was delighted to share this. It is only then that many got to know about the activities Lawrence is into. It is indeed inspiring to see such a hard believer of charity.

Before helping out this charity he helped many other times like at the time of Chennai floods. Other than this if any one reach out him for help he immediately do as best he can. He gives more support to the small kids as they are our next generation. This news should inspire at least few people and should come forward to help the poor kids for heart surgery with their good hearts.

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Raghava Lawrence Charity
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