Race Gurram Shades In Ram Charan Film

Race Gurram Shades In Ram Charan Film

It is known news that Mega Powerstar Ram Charan is preparing to take off with his next project which is the remake of the Tamil blockbuster ‘Thani Oruvan’. It is also heard that Charan wanted the remake to be a total lift and shift process with no change.

Those who heard the story and those who watched the original say it has shades of the blockbuster movie ‘Race Gurram’. This is not in terms of content but the story flow. In ‘Race Gurram’, the first half is dominated by the hero and his romance with heroine.

Race Gurram Shades In Ram Charan Film

Race Gurram Shades In Ram Charan Film

It is the second half which becomes a conflict point between hero and villain. The same format has been used in ‘Thani Oruvan’ also. Charan would be at loggerheads with the stylish and suave Tamil actor Arvind Swamy who is reprising his role.

Making a film might be easy but in order to get it released properly and then recover the money at the box office is the most arduous task. This is where many producers and directors are falling flat. Hence, they are now opting for a smarter method. That is none other than movie remakes.

They seem to have concluded that remake of hit movies from other languages is the safest bet. This is because they are already proven scripts, there is no tension about its strength, they create a certain range of hype because of the success value.

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Race Gurram Shades In Ram Charan Film
The same concept of Allu Arjun Race Gurram movie is going to reflect in the movie of Ram Charan new movie remake Thani Oruvan.