Puri’s Wife Turned Emotional

Puri's Wife Turned Emotional

Puri’s Wife Turned Emotional

Puri’s Wife Turned Emotional in social media for sake of Puri behavior. Star wives and star director wives usually tend to keep a low profile but there are those times when some situations force them to come into the open. Such is the case with Lavanya, wife of Puri Jagannadh.

While she keeps a low profile and is seen occasionally recently she hit the headlines. It is heard that Lavanya is currently in a happy and emotional state. The reason being, Puri is a changed man.

Apparently, he was being linked to charming beauty Charmme which brought some cracks. But now he has shunned Charmme and is becoming a family person which is bringing a lot of joy to Lavanya. The family has gone abroad for trip and after 10 years Puri took Lavanya so that is the icing on the cake.

This tremendous change is only because of Charmee. It is because recently Puri and Charmee got some disturbances and then Puri asked to keep away from his production. So that now Puri is getting time to spend with family happily.

This is the only reason that making Lavanya very happy as she is very near to Puri and completely enjoying with surprises and outdoor plans regularly.