Puri’s Son Akash in Charmme Department

Akash in Charmme Department

It is known that speed director Puri Jagannadh’s office is known as Cave and recently this place came into a lot of headlines. This was due to the alleged clash between Puri and the charming beauty Charmme who was working as the incharge of the premises. Now Akash in Charmme Department is the biggest news in social media.

Reports said Puri removed Charmme from the role and this was followed by another update that she is back in the role. However, here is the latest update. It is heard that though Charmme is back to Cave the financial aspects will now be dealt with someone else.

Akash in Charmme Department

Akash in Charmme Department

Sources say Puri is planning to shift all those matters to his son Akash Puri hence to get that orientation, Akash is being exposed to direction and production department. Given that, it remains to be seen what is Charmme doing and what her departments are.

Buzz is that she is working as the executive producer for Puri’s projects and is also handling the office matters related to Cave. While some are very happy with this reunion, some are also hoping this doesn’t cause a dent in Puri’s family life again.

Just few days back it becomes a sensational news that Puri and Charmme are broke up and not having any relation again. But many people are happy for this patch up and also wishing that Puri Jagannadh should take care of his own family also including the production.

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Akash in Charmme Department
After the patch up between Puri and Charmme, Akash Puri is taking care of the production department in which Charmme use to take care in the past.